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If you suffered injury from a defective drug or a defective medical device, what will attorney fees cost in a lawsuit to recover damages?

At Jim S. Adler & Associates, such fees won’t cost you anything from your own pocket.

That’s because we work under a contingency fee agreement. It means we aren’t paid unless we win, and even then we’re paid only from a pre-set amount of the settlement we gain for our client.

In this way, legal fees, lawyer fees or attorney fees only apply if we win your case, and then they’re only paid via the settlement gained, the bulk of which goes to you.

Your case may not even go to trial to gain such a settlement, since a majority of injury lawsuits are resolved via out-of-court settlements.

So forget about retainer fees, hourly billing and other ways that some law firms charge. Our law firm is paid only if we win for you, and then only from the settlement itself.

Want to learn more? Then call or write us right now, and get a free legal consultation on your behalf. You then can decide how you want to proceed with your case. It’s up to you.

But you can know one thing right now: We will never ask you to write us a check for our legal services. Bank on it.

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