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Americans who need health care are at the mercy of their physicians and the drugs that they prescribe. They must rely on the faith that such drugs are safe and will help them, not hurt them. But tragically, that often is not the case. In fact, many thousands of Americans annually have been injured or even killed by defective drugs.

Such drugs are manufactured and marketed by massive pharmaceutical companies which make billions of dollars in profits. These pharmaceutical giants don’t always fully research the safety or dangers of their products, though that may not stop the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — supposedly the watchdog of such companies — from approving drugs’ use anyway.

When such drugs turn out to be defective, it’s as if innocent Americans have served as test subjects for the drugs’ powers, and when those drugs prove harmful, those Americans pay the biggest price. Pharmaceutical giants then circle the wagons with legal defenses, while injured Americans do their best to secure the financial compensation which is rightfully due them by law for their defective drug injuries. They can do this with help from a defective drug lawyer.

For an individual American, securing such economic recovery – and a sense of justice to go with it – may be extremely difficult. Pharmaceutical corporations have enormous resources, drawn from the huge profits they’ve made over the years as suppliers of drugs to the American public. Their defective drugs can cause serious injury to users who took them on faith when given a physician’s prescription. These victims are entitled to financial compensation for their losses, including their medical bills, their lost present and future salary, and their pain and suffering. An Adler drug lawsuit lawyer can seek such recovery from the pharmaceutical companies which caused the suffering and harm.

Indeed, individual Americans who are harmed by defective drugs need not go into battle against pharmaceutical giants alone. Rather, they can engage knowledgeable and experienced legal assistance via a defective drug lawyer or attorney with Jim Adler & Associates. If you or a family member took a defective drug, you may be legally entitled to substantial financial recovery for your injury losses. That can include medical expenses, lost present and future wages, and your pain and suffering as a result of the injury. Fill out our FREE Case Evaluation Form or call our office for a FREE consultation at 1-800-505-1414.

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