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Did you know that Januvia, a drug for treating type 2 diabetes and managing blood sugar, has been cited as a cause of cancer? That’s right. This drug may help diabetics manage their glucose, but it may also cause pancreatic and thyroid cancer, which has led to many Januvia lawsuits.

Our Texas-based law firm can provide you with an experienced attorney who can help you file a Januvia diabetes drug lawsuit. If you or someone in your family took Januvia, attorney services may be necessary. For those who suffer from type 2 diabetes and were later diagnosed with thyroid or pancreatic cancer as a result of taking Januvia, our law firm is here to help. We can bring a Januvia lawsuit to fight for your legal right to claim payments from a drug maker that’s caused harm to you or your family.

Januvia can cause harm with its active ingredient, sitagliptin. Made by Merck & Co. Inc., Januvia targets the incretin system, which helps the body to regulate glucose, or blood sugar, by impacting beta cells and alpha cells located within the pancreas. Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Januvia for legal use in late 2006, it then received 88 post-marketing reports of pancreatitis owing to Januvia, including 66 cases that required hospitalization and four that called for treatment in an intensive care unit. (Pancreatitis, in turn, could lead to pancreatic cancer.)

To follow up, the FDA found in a study that more than one-fifth of victims of Januvia complications or side effects started taking Januvia within one month of getting pancreatitis, and more than 50 percent of those 88 cases wound up being resolved when patients stopped taking Januvia. This led the FDA to make a revised FDA warning for Januvia’s label in the latter half of 2009 to show that its users have suffered hemorrhagic or necrotizing pancreatitis as well as acute pancreatitis. Also, the FDA asked physicians to monitor their patients closely for indications of pancreatitis arising after Januvia usage starts or is increased and to respond accordingly if that happens.

Unfortunately, as a study found, Januvia could lead to low-grade pancreatitis and an increased risk of pancreatic cancer among patients who use the drug for a lengthy period of time. In short, victims may be suffering for a while and not know it. Also, Januvia can cause a six times higher risk of pancreatitis and nearly a three times higher threat for pancreatic cancer.

These problems, which should be addressed in a Januvia side effects lawsuit, are exacerbated by the large number of Americans suffering from the most common form of diabetes, that being type 2 diabetes. This illness can have an annual cost to America of $132 billion in terms of direct medical costs and indirect expenses, such as lost wages. If your family has suffered a personal injury in the form of pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer after Januvia was used, reach out to a professional Januvia attorney to file a claim with our law firm today. Jim Adler & Associates can stand up for you in the legal arena and press for your right to claim payments with a Januvia lawsuit for your injury or other losses.

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