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If your child was born with a birth defect after the mother took antidepressant Luvox within a year before giving birth, that birth defect injury may be due to the defective drug, and your family may be legally entitled to claim payments via a Luvox lawsuit.

Luvox birth defects include a wide array of injuries, and these can be severe, especially if the antidepressant drug was taken at an early stage of pregnancy.

Luvox Antidepressant Drug

A family whose child was born with a birth defect after the mother took defective antidepressant drug Luvox has a legal right to seek payments for its medical costs, lost present and future wages and pain and suffering due to this drug. Such payments can come with help from a birth defect lawyer or defective drug attorney with our law firm.

But first you may want some additional information on the nature of Luvox and its history.

Luvox was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, of FDA, in 1994. In the 20 years after that time, the drug has been used by around 30 million people, and numerous users have been women who are pregnant. That’s in part because as many as one-tenth of pregnant women suffer from depression and require antidepressants as treatment.

In some cases, such treatment involves administering Luvox, whose principal active ingredient is fluvoxamine.

Luvox is the product of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, which is based in Belgium. Its United States subsidiary, Solvay America Inc., is based in Houston, Texas.

Solvay sold its pharmaceutical division in the year 2010 to Abbott Laboratories, which is based in Chicago, Illinois. That same company also makes anti-seizure drug Depakote, and it, too, can cause birth defect injury.

As for Luvox , it is an SSRI antidepressant, or a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. As such, it can reduce anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related ailments. But if used by a pregnant woman, it also can lead to severe birth defects.

Luvox Birth Defect Injuries

Luvox birth defects and side effects include defects of the heart, lungs, abdominal area, brain and other body parts. Luvox also can cause clubfoot, which is a limb malformation, and cleft palate or cleft lip, a facial deformity.

Other Luvox birth defects include craniosynostosis, septal defects, ventricular obstruction, omphalocele, congenital heart defects and persistent pulmonary hypertension, or PPHN. The last is a potentially fatal condition.

Luvox Birth Defect Lawsuit

Such Luvox birth defects can be enormously expensive to an innocent family, necessitating surgery or multiple surgeries, as well as extensive treatments. A family victimized by such a defective drug should not bear the burden of such costs.

Instead, such a family can get a birth defect lawyer or defective drug attorney to fight for their legal right to economic recovery for their medical expenses, lost salary and pain and suffering owing to the defective drug.

Luvox Birth Defect Lawyer

You can begin by sending us the free case review form on this page, or calling us. Then we’ll quickly provide you with free legal advice for your individual case.

If you then decide you want to proceed with a Luvox lawsuit, you’ve come to the right place. We can fight for your legal rights. Let us hear from you, and let’s get started.

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