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Pradaxa, a fairly new drug used as a blood-thinner (or anticoagulant) to reduce stroke risk, actually may contribute to a stroke. It also can raise the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and bleeding, including a cerebral hemorrhage. Victims who get a case review by a Pradaxa attorney may find that they should file a Pradaxa lawsuit to recover damages.

Pradaxa: A Dangerous Anticoagulant

As you may have seen in a Pradaxa TV commercial, the chief ingredient of Pradaxa is dabigatran etexilate mesylate, also known simply as dabigatran. More specifically, the drug Pradaxa is considered a thrombin inhibitor. That might not sell well as a brand name, so the drug was named Pradaxa when it hit the market in 2010. The manufacturer of Pradaxa is Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc., based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It’s one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Doctors tend to issue Pradaxa prescriptions when their patients have atrial fibrillation (AF). This means they have arrhythmia, or an irregular heart rhythm, and need an anticoagulant, or anti-blood-clotting, drug. But evidence is mounting that Pradaxa can cause serious side effects or injury, often leading to a Pradaxa lawsuit. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made strong warnings to potential users of the drug that Pradaxa could lead to “serious bleeding events.” A “risk of bleeding” warning is now affixed to labels for the defective drug Pradaxa. Then, in November of 2011, the FDA re-examined Pradaxa after a warning by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The EMA had noted more than 250 cases of serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding complications due to using defective drug Pradaxa. Despite the possibility of bleeding and stroke, Pradaxa continues to be sold, leading to more lawsuits against Pradaxa in Texas.

Pradaxa Side Effects

What Pradaxa side effects can harm users? Aside from stroke, Pradaxa use also can lead to heart disease or a heart attack. Bleeding can occur in various parts of the body. Unfortunately, this bleeding can’t be controlled and is extremely dangerous. The result could be the need for extensive and expensive medical attention. This is one of the main reasons victims look to file lawsuits against Pradaxa. According to the European study of Pradaxa stroke victims, it is possible that the drug can cause death. Bleeding due to Pradaxa can even lead to hemorrhagic stroke. Families suffering through this tragedy deserve to find out if they are eligible to file a lawsuit against Pradaxa.

Patients Warned

So far, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t issued a Pradaxa recall. But the FDA is alert to possible side effects such as a Pradaxa stroke. However, because of the issues patients have experienced, the FDA has included a warning label that mentions a risk of bleeding. In addition to the label warning, the FDA has also warned the public that Pradaxa can lead to “serious bleeding events.” But even without a recall, there are opportunities for victims to file a Pradaxa lawsuit.

File a Pradaxa Lawsuit

People who suffer a Pradaxa stroke injury or other health problem caused by Pradaxa can face a growing number of medical expenses and other losses due to their injury. These costs are the responsibility of the manufacturer that caused their Pradaxa stroke or other injury and should not be the burden of the innocent person who used a drug. The lawsuits against Pradaxa work to remedy this situation. To recover these and other costs, victims may need to file a Pradaxa lawsuit. For your suit, you’ll need a Pradaxa stroke lawyer to handle your case. Your drug injury attorney or specific Pradaxa lawsuit lawyer can fight for your legal right to seek fair financial compensation for your losses, including medical bills and pain and suffering. Notify us today of a Pradaxa stroke injury in your family, and we’ll hasten to help you weigh a possible Pradaxa injury lawsuit. You need the best representation possible, and it’s important to have a professional Pradaxa lawsuit lawyer on your side! You could be due financial compensation.
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