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Your child’s birth defect may not be hereditary, but due to a defective drug. That can be true if the mother used an antidepressant such as Remeron while pregnant. If this defective drug harmed your child, you may be due payments via a Remeron lawsuit.

Remeron Antidepressant Drug

With chief ingredient mirtazapine, Remeron is prescribed as a treatment for anxiety and depression, which can afflict 10 per cent of pregnant women in America. But while Remeron may ease depression, it also can cause horrifying side effects if taken within one year before giving birth, and especially if taken during the first trimester.

Remeron came to the market in 1990, from Organon International of The Netherlands. That company now is owned by Merck & Co., which is based in New Jersey and is among the biggest pharmaceutical firms on Earth.

But since its approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Remeron has been named a Category C drug for pregnancy, which signifies that it’s being studied.

Yet one thing we know already: Such antidepressants can lead to serious birth defects, including injuries to the brain, lungs, heart and other vital body parts.

Remeron Recall

Despite its dangers, so far no Remeron recall has been issued by the manufacturer, Organon Pharmaceuticals USA, or by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA.

Even so, studies and research are showing that Remeron, if consumed during pregnancy, can significantly raise the risks that a baby will be born with a birth defect, such as a heart, lung or brain injury which can be debilitating if not life-threatening.

With that in mind, a Remeron recall could be issued. But until then, victims still have a legal right to seek compensation by means of a Remeron lawsuit. No recall is necessary for a lawsuit to proceed and to prevail.

Remeron Birth Defect Lawsuit

When birth defect injuries occur due to such a defective drug, victims’ families have a legal right to claim economic compensation by means of an antidepressant lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer and seller.

A Remeron birth defect lawsuit can seek fitting and fair economic compensation for a family’s medical and healthcare costs, as well as any lost present and future wages due to the defective drug injury. Families also can be financially compensated for their pain and suffering as a result of the defective drug.

Such compensation can come with help from a defective drug lawyer or birth defect attorney provided by our law firm.

To learn more, simply fill out the free case review form on this page, or call us at our toll-free number. In either event, we will provide you with free legal advice for your potential case, and then you can choose whether or not you want to proceed with a Remeron birth defect lawsuit.

If your child suffered due to the negligence of a manufacturer which makes enormous profits off of defective drugs, that is unacceptable to us. Let us help you seek justice and claim payments for your family’s Remeron birth defect losses.

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