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Xarelto Side Effects Xarelto side effects can be severe and even fatal. Such side effects of the blood-thinner may lead to an Xarelto lawsuit, especially if a victim of the dangerous drug has suffered a stroke or internal bleeding which merited hospitalization. Beyond an Xarelto stroke or internal bleeding, other Xarelto side effects include clotted blood in an organ or tissue; urinary tract infection; abnormal liver function; or a feeling of faintness. Other Xarelto side effects can be bloody or black stools; numb, tingling or weak muscles, particularly in legs or feet; losing movement for any part of the body; unusual persistent bleeding; and coughing up vomit or blood which looks like coffee grounds. Still more Xarelto side effects include backache; toothache; pain in the throat; arthritis; itching; muscle spasms; indigestion; sinus congestion or irritation; and brain hemorrhage. Hemorrhaging or uncontrolled internal bleeding caused by defective drug Xarelto is one of its most serious side effects. Xarelto also can lead to abdominal bleeding and lower platelet levels. A person suffering from uncontrolled internal bleeding can die without showing any visible signs of an ailment. Unchecked internal bleeding can produce pools of blood within the body, and the proximity of such pools can cut off blood flow to an organ such as the brain, kidneys or lungs. These vital organs then can lose their vital functions. Also, an Xarelto stroke can arise due to blood clots — despite the fact that the drug is meant to prevent blood clots, not cause them. Reports have been sent to the FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, regarding blood clots caused by the defective blood-thinning drug. Yet perhaps the most frightening Xarelto side effect is uncontrolled internal bleeding, which may continue until the victim dies. Such unchecked internal bleeding will persist until the patient dies unless repeated blood transfusions manage to flush the drug from the victim’s system. At least Xarelto side effects victims or their families have a legal recourse. They can file an Xarelto lawsuit or a defective drug lawsuit to claim payments for their losses. Such losses can include the loss of present to future wages; the costs of medical and hospital bills; and the loss that is known as pain and suffering. If someone in your family suffered Xarelto side effects such as blood clot, a stroke or uncontrolled bleeding mandating hospitalization, let us know at once. Our law firm can fight for your rights in the legal arena. Just contact us by using this site’s free case review form online, or by calling our toll-free number. We’ll respond by providing you with a free legal evaluation for your case. Then you can decide if you want to proceed with an Xarelto side effects lawsuit. If you do, our law firm can provide you with a defective drug lawyer or Xarelto attorney for your case.
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