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A GranuFlo recall makes it clear that the product is defective. In fact, simply saying it’s defective is an understatement. When used in kidney dialysis treatments, GranuFlo Acid has killed and severely injured many Americans. Victims and their families are entitled to seek compensation in a GranuFlo lawsuit. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considered GranuFlo defects serious enough to issue a mandatory FDA recall of GranuFlo and related product NaturaLyte Liquid Concentrate in the spring of 2012. Both were supposed to assist in cleansing the blood of excess water and wastes for patients with kidney failure, also known as renal failure, during kidney dialysis treatments. But both also could cause fatal heart attacks or strokes, among other injuries. Thanks to the FDA recall of GranuFlo, many Americans were spared the risks of stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrhythmia and low blood pressure which could have arisen by using GranuFlo in kidney dialysis treatments. But for many other Americans, the FDA GranuFlo recall came too late. These Americans suffered injuries including a fatal heart attack or stroke because of the defective product, which was made by Fresenius Medical Care, America’s largest manufacturer of kidney dialysis products. How many have suffered? At least 941 patients had cardiac arrest at Fresenius dialysis clinics in one year, 2010. Even more patients suffered a heart attack or stroke, including fatal ones, while at these clinics. The biggest danger was within 48 hours after receiving kidney dialysis using GranuFlo. But victims arose at other clinics, too — especially since Fresenius failed to notify physicians at clinics other than its own that GranuFlo could have serious GranuFlo side effects. Nor did Fresenius alert physicians or the FDA. These were appalling and willful mistakes compounding Fresenius’ negligence in manufacturing and selling its defective product. Regardless of where you received kidney dialysis treatments, if you received GranuFlo in your treatment and you suffered as a result, you may be due substantial financial recovery for your losses, including your medical bills, your loss present or future earnings, and your pain and suffering. To make your claim for such compensation, notify an experienced GranuFlo lawsuit lawyer with our law firm, and let’s get started. Call us today or submit this site’s case review form, and we’ll provide you with a free case review at no obligation. Then you can decide how you want to proceed. If you do choose to engage our law firm, rest assured that you won’t be charged legal fees out of your own pocket. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we’re only paid if we win a case, and even then only as a pre-agreed portion of the settlement. With GranuFlo such lawsuits are needed in part due to their raised levels of bicarbonate during dialysis. Physicians who were unaware of this could have administered even more bicarbonate during dialysis, accidentally triggering a deadly overdose. Clearly, such a defective product can and should be the target of a GranuFlo lawsuit or a defective medical device lawsuit. To launch your own legal action and claim the payments you deserve, notify our law firm today. With over 40 years experience helping injured persons to get the money they deserve, we stand ready to help you, too. A skilled and knowledgeable defective drug lawyer or defective medical device attorney can fight for your rights in the legal arena by standing up to a negligent corporation which caused you suffering. Please send us this site’s free case review form today, or call our toll-free number, and let us help you get the justice you need and deserve.
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