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You’ve probably heard about defective hip implants being recalled after hip replacement surgery. But how do you know if your hip implant is one of the defective products? If you have injuries because of a recalled device, it’s time to think about contacting a DePuy hip replacement lawyer.

Two products were recalled by DePuy Orthopaedics: the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System and the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Hip System. Though meant to last 15 years, each has failed soon after hip replacement surgery, necessitating further surgery.

People suffering from pain or inflammation after hip replacement surgery should alert their physician. In fact, to determine if they’ve received a defective medical device sold by DePuy since 2003, their physician or surgeon’s office would be a good place to start. The hip implant surgery must have occurred in 2003 or later for their device to be considered a defective DePuy hip implant. If it is a defective implant, it’s time to consider a DePuy hip lawsuit.

Even if you had a DePuy hip implant, it may not be one of the defective devices in the DePuy recall. DePuy also sells the Pinnacle Acetabular cup, which has not been recalled. That doesn’t mean this DePuy product could not do harm, but it isn’t part of the current DePuy recall for which many victims are seeking a DePuy lawsuit.

When the DePuy recall was announced, DePuy said it would contact all surgeons who had used its defective medical device in hip replacement surgery and ask those surgeons to alert their patients. However, even if you have not received such word from your physician or surgeon, you should check on your own to determine if you received a DePuy implant. If you did, it is important to see if you are eligible to participate in a DePuy lawsuit.

In reality, even if you did not receive a DePuy hip implant, if the implant you received is a similar metal-on-metal device with potential for grinding tiny shards of metal into the body, you should get a medical test for this danger, as defective implants were not only made by DePuy: Hip replacement lawsuit claims can come as a result of many manufacturers’ products.

Perhaps after your hip implant, you received a medical device ID card. These are provided to implant patients to enable them to proceed through security screenings, like those at airports. The card should list the specific type and brand of medical device implanted in your body, and from that, you can determine if it is a DePuy hip implant. If you did receive one of the two defective hip implants in the DePuy recall, it is important to be tested to evaluate any harm this device may have done. DePuy hip implants are known to flake off small bits of toxic cobalt and chromium into sensitive tissue and bones. This information alone is enough for most people to consider a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit. A medical professional should assess your health in the context of potential DePuy hip implant injuries.

In the event that none of these procedures yields information about the nature of your hip implant and the damage it might have done, you have a legal right to see your hospital records. To do so, contact the hospital where your hip replacement surgery occurred and execute a medical authorization form. You can seek surgical implant records and operative reports, which should indicate the nature and brand of your hip implant. All of this information can be used by a law firm to determine if you need to begin building your case for a DePuy hip lawsuit. Another strategy is to alert a defective medical device lawyer or DePuy hip implant attorney who can seek the information for you. Then, a DePuy lawsuit might be in order.

If you suffered harm via your implant and the negligence of manufacturer DePuy Orthopaedics, you have a legal right to seek full and fair financial compensation for your losses. A DePuy lawsuit can help cover everything from lost wages to mounting medical costs in addition to pain and suffering.

Notify the law firm of Jim Adler & Associates today and a legal representative will respond promptly to help you assess your hip implant injury case. A case review by an experienced DePuy hip replacement lawyer is the best place to start. Call 1-800-505-1414 or submit the free online form on this page, and let a personal injury lawyer help you seek the economic recovery that you deserve.

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