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Have defective retrievable IVC filters had a nationwide recall? Sadly, they have not — at least not yet.

That doesn’t mean an IVC filter recall will not come at some point. As more and more IVC filter lawsuits are filed over injuries or deaths caused by the devices and as evidence mounts that they are defective, the chances for a recall may increase.

Meanwhile, patients are suffering across America when retrievable IVC filters designed to fend off blood clots and pulmonary embolisms instead cause clots of their own or other injuries — sometimes even death. Such devastating IVC filter side effects can be the basis of IVC filter lawsuits, which eventually may help propel a nationwide IVC filter recall that can protect Americans.

Continued Sales of Defective Filters

Despite news media reports, scientific research, and various studies indicating that IVC filters clearly are defective, sales of such filters continue by large corporate manufacturers.

It seems that large profits are outweighing the greater good of the general public. How large? The market for IVC filter sales has grown dramatically in recent years.

According to Endovascular Today, just 2,000 IVC filters were being used to treat blood clot risk in 1979. (Anticoagulant drugs were more prevalent.) Twenty years later, that number had risen to 49,000. By 2012, it was estimated that a quarter of a million IVC filters had been implanted.

Each filter’s sale meant thousands of dollars for the manufacturers. By 2015, the market was believed to top $435 million in annual sales. The recent surge is attributed to the higher costs and wider use of retrievable IVC filters — the same ones that can cause the most severe health problems.

IVC Filter Studies

A number of investigative reports and IVC filter studies have shown the dangers of these defective devices.

In particular, NBC News investigated IVC filter manufacturer C.R. Bard for one year, finding that Bard was cognizant of possibly severe side effects from its products, including what’s known as a Recovery filter, which had a greater risk of fracturing and migrating than other filters. Even so, instead of issuing an IVC filter recall, Bard continued selling Recovery filters for more than $36,000 apiece. It also released a replacement device called a G2 filter, but it kept selling the Recovery model.

Also failing to issue a recall of defective IVC filters has been Cook Medical Inc. of Indiana. Yet a number of its filters have been shown to be connected to severe injuries, including the Cook Platinum IVC filters and the Cook Celect IVC filters.

Another study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2013 found that among 680 patients receiving allegedly retrievable IVC filters, only 58 could be removed by physicians.

Retrievable filters that are left in the body can cause serious side effects and complications when they break apart, migrate to other body parts, or perforate a vein or other part of the body. Indeed, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about IVC filters in 2010, saying that letting an IVC filter remain in the body for a lengthy amount of time could cause serious and perhaps even life-threatening injuries.

Experts have noted that the longer a filter is left in place, the more difficult it is to retrieve.

No Recall, No Lawsuit?

Though no FDA recall has been issued for IVC filters and no voluntary manufacturer recalls have been made, that doesn’t mean victims cannot seek compensation by means of an IVC filter lawsuit. In fact, many people have sought the help of an IVC filter attorney, and lawsuits against Bard in particular have been ongoing since 2012.

The experienced injury attorneys at Jim Adler & Associates stand ready to help innocent victims of these defective devices to claim payments — and justice — for their losses with an IVC filter lawsuit. Contact us for a free case evaluation and we’ll examine the details of your IVC filter claim to see if we can help you get compensation. Don’t delay: Talk to an IVC filter lawyer with our firm today.

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