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Two million American women have received an IUD, or intrauterine device, called Mirena. Mirena IUD side effects and complications include infection, migration to outside the uterus, perforation of the uterine wall, and infertility. Victims may be entitled to economic compensation by means of a Mirena lawsuit filed by our law firm.

To do so, contact our Texas-based law firm today by calling our toll-free phone number or by submitting this website’s case review form online. We’ll promptly respond with help for your Mirena lawsuit case, starting with a free legal consultation by an experienced and professional Mirena lawyer. (You can speak with a female legal representative if that is your wish.)

Our law firm will handle your case with consideration, compassion, courtesy, and confidentiality. We understand that a Mirena side effects injury is a serious matter, and our aim is to help you gain financial recovery and a sense of justice by fighting for your legal rights with lawsuits against Mirena’s maker.

Mirena IUD Injuries

That Mirena IUD is a hormonal intrauterine device used for birth control and also to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. A soft, T-shaped, flexible plastic device, the Mirena IUD emits a hormone called levonorgestrel, which disrupts eggs’ release from the ovaries. The IUD must be implanted and taken out by medical professionals and may stay in the uterus for as long as five years.

However, the Mirena IUD is known to migrate spontaneously to other parts of the body, causing injuries and infections, some of which even may be life-threatening. Among additional Mirena IUD side effects are headaches, pelvic pain, vaginitis, painful menstruation, irregular spotting or bleeding, miscarriage, infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ovarian cysts.

Mirena IUD defects also can make its removal complex and difficult. A Mirena IUD may become embedded in the uterus or may have migrated to another area, necessitating Mirena surgery with permanent complications.

Who’s to Blame? Bayer

That maker of the Mirena IUD is Bayer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which approved the Mirena IUD in 2009, has since then warned Bayer that it has overstated its potential benefits while understating potentially harmful Mirena complications. Many American women have trustingly used the Mirena IUD without awareness of its dangers, and that’s Bayer’s responsibility.

Mirena has not yet been the subject of a recall by its manufacturer, which continues to sell the defective product despite knowing the harm that it can do to American women who unsuspectingly place their trust in this defective medical device. Mirena IUD lawsuits can claim payments from Bayer for side effect injuries, including money for your medical bills, lost wages in the present and future, as well as pain and suffering.

Your Mirena lawsuit will be a defective medical device lawsuit and not a malpractice lawsuit. A Mirena lawsuit will target the manufacturer that caused your injury, not the physician who put the device in place. This manufacturer is responsible for your personal injury caused by its defective IUD implant and will remain the focus of any Mirena IUD lawsuits.

Taking Action With a Mirena Lawyer

Women who have been injured by Mirena complications have a legal right to pursue justice by means of a Mirena lawsuit. Contact our law firm today to file a claim or to receive a case review from an experienced defective drug attorney today.

A personal injury can be expensive, and fighting for your legal rights can be just as expensive. We understand that these severe injuries may result in limited financial resources. Fortunately, our law firm does not require direct payment for a Mirena lawsuit. Our law firm will only bill you for our services when we win your case. At this point, a pre-arranged amount will be deducted from the Mirena lawsuit settlement. And you don’t need to be too worried about your Mirena lawsuit going to trial: The majority of such personal injury lawsuits are resolved by means of negotiations to reach an out-of-court settlement. Contact us today to see what The Tough, Smart Lawyer® can do for you.

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