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The government does not keep comprehensive statistics on demolition accidents, but anyone who has experience in demolition knows how dangerous the work can be. A demolition work site can be a prime area for a personal injury case, as the unforeseen dangers that can cause injury or death are numerous. Anyone who has seen demolition accidents take place knows that even the most professional approach to doing the work can sometimes not be enough to keep workers protected. That is why anyone who has been in a demolition accident should reach out to an experienced attorney to determine if they should file a lawsuit to get the compensation they need to put their life back together.

Site Preparation Work Is Critical

The demolition industry, because of the unpredictable nature of its work, is one of the more safety-conscious parts of the world of construction. Prior to the start of a job, experienced safety engineers are sent to a job site to help work with supervisors and project managers to determine the safest way to do each project. A project schedule is created and must be followed closely to make sure that all work is done in the correct order. If a load-bearing wall is removed early in a project, for example, the result could be a serious accident later in the process.

Every demolition company that is concerned with safety should also be following the prescribed procedures for demolition outlined in the official Demolition Safety Manual. It took decades to get the Demolition Safety Manual as comprehensive as possible, and using this valuable reference can significantly decrease the possibility of a tragic accident on any demolition site.

What Can Workers Do to Help?

Workers should always wear their protective gear, such as hard hats, respirators, and gloves, at every job. Workers should also be sure to stay up to date on the company’s safety procedures on a regular basis. If a worker notices that a piece of equipment is past its maintenance or inspection due date, then that information should be brought to the attention of a supervisor. Workers at demolition sites should not be hesitant to speak up when they see anything on a work site that looks dangerous. Workers with decades of experience in demolition can often be the best people to maintain safety on any demolition project.

What to Do if You Have a Claim

If you feel that you have a claim for a demolition injury, then you need to contact Jim Adler, the Texas Hammer®, to get a comprehensive case review done by an expert. The staff at Jim Adler & Associates has years of experience in handling work injury cases and making sure that victims get the compensation they need to put their lives back together.

When you work in demolition, you are involved in one of the most dangerous professions in the world. If you find yourself involved in an accident on a demolition site, then you need to contact Jim Adler & Associates to get the experienced representation you need.

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