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cancer lawsuit When you are first diagnosed with cancer, you may not immediately feel that a lawsuit is the right path to take. But if your condition was caused by someone’s negligence or your treatment is doing more harm than good, then you could have a personal injury case on your hands that an experienced lawyer can help you with. Along with understanding your treatment needs, you also need to understand why a cancer lawsuit can be appropriate in some cases. Professional diagnosis, monitoring, and cancer treatment procedures are expensive, and your insurance may not cover everything. That is why your bladder cancer diagnosis caused by another’s negligence may require a bladder cancer lawsuit to make sure that you get the financial help you need to fight this awful disease. Understanding Cancer Through the Numbers Filing a bladder cancer lawsuit is not as uncommon as you think, as many patients do find that they have a legitimate claim against a person or entity that caused their condition. According to the National Cancer Institute, some of the most common types of cancer are thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, and bladder cancer. Based on an average of cases diagnosed between 2008 and 2012, the annual rate of new cases of cancer is approximately 455 for every 100,000 people. In 2014, the number of patients who lived beyond their expected life span was 14.5 million people, and that number is expected to rise. The numbers show tremendous progress, but cancer is still a dangerous condition that you should take very seriously. What Causes Cancer? Before you decide to file a pancreatic cancer lawsuit, you should understand the situations that can cause cancer. The Mayo Clinic indicates that while the causes of cancer are not all known, exposure to toxic substances, certain chemicals, or radiation can be behind this devastating illness. For instance, contractors who have worked on buildings that contained asbestos are more likely to get cancer. Certain medications can also raise the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis. When it comes to the types of negligence that could cause cancer, a good pancreatic cancer attorney can either give you straight answers or find someone who can. Advances in Cancer Treatment An area where you may want to get a legal professional involved in your cancer situation is during treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, the type of treatment you get depends on the type of cancer you have and the stage it is at. For example, there have been significant advances in treating late-stage thyroid cancer that could significantly improve your condition. But if those new methods are not explored, then you could have a thyroid cancer lawsuit on your hands. Taking Care of Your Health Jim Adler is called the Tough, Smart Lawyer® because he understands how difficult and sensitive cancer treatment can be. But he also understands that putting your faith and trust in a doctor who is not offering the proper treatment can be dangerous. Jim Adler & Associates has experience getting the compensation you deserve from negligent parties. When you want an attorney and a law firm that is on your side when it comes to your cancer treatment issues, then you should contact Jim Adler & Associates for a consultation.
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