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In recent years, scientists have learned more about birth injuries and how they can be prevented. A birth injury is any type of injury a child receives during the birth process. The birth injury lawyer Houston residents rely on is the one who knows the newest medical research and can hold negligent parties responsible: Jim Adler. A good birth injury attorney understands that doctors now have much of the information they need to prevent birth injuries, and that means that a birth injury lawsuit should be unlikely. But people still turn to the professional birth injury lawyer Houston residents trust to represent them in instances of medical negligence.

Identifying Birth Injury Situations

Birth injuries can be due to situations that occur during the delivery and conditions that can create problems for the child. For example, maternal obesity can be a cause of birth injuries that could occur during delivery. A birth injury attorney will want to look at the entire situation surrounding the birth in a case review to help determine the basis of any lawsuit that may be filed. Some of the situations that may lead to a birth injury include:
  • The incorrect positioning of the baby
  • Premature birth
  • Difficult birth due to the shape of the birth canal
  • Cesarean delivery
  • The use of forceps and other devices during delivery

The Look of a Birth Injury

In some cases, birth injuries have the same appearance as birth defects. But good birth injury lawyers know how to do the research that differentiates injuries from defects. Some common birth injury symptoms include:
  • Internal bleeding in spots such as the base of the skull
  • Bruises on the head
  • Swelling of the head
  • Red eyes due to blood vessels being broken
  • Nerve injury
  • Broken bones

Birth Injury Negligence

According to the Merck Manual, it can be difficult for an untrained eye to spot birth injuries that occurred due to negligence. Many experienced birth injury attorneys identify certain types of nerve problems within the baby that are the result of the improper use of forceps. Medication given before or during the birth can also create problems that are identified after the baby is born. Mishandling the child can result in broken bones, and improper blood flow to the baby during delivery can also result in injuries. Some birth injuries, such as broken bones, can heal quickly. But the improper use of forceps can cause permanent damage. However, even for the injuries that do heal, the pain and suffering the child and parents go through can often spark warranted legal action.

Protect Your Rights

In the Houston, Texas, area and all across the Texas Triangle, there is a law firm that can get to the bottom of birth injuries and hold negligent parties responsible. Jim Adler is an experienced Texas birth injury lawyer who stays up to date on all of the medical information surrounding this sensitive subject. People call Jim Adler the Tough, Smart Lawyer® because he knows how to handle even the most complex birth injury case. To protect your rights in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Channelview after a birth injury event, contact Jim Adler & Associates to talk to people who have the necessary experience and compassion to get you the settlement you deserve.
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