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Medical negligence lawyers have a tremendous responsibility to their patients and to the public at large. According to Medical News Today, between 80,000 and 160,000 people in the United States every year die in medical negligence cases involving an improper diagnosis.

When attorneys take on negligence cases against doctors who consistently misinterpret their patients’ symptoms, then those medical negligence lawyers are doing their part to prevent those doctors from practicing medicine in the future and hurting other people. To a true professional, taking on medical negligence cases is about doing the right thing to prevent negligent medical professionals from hurting more people in the future.

In the state of Texas, even the best medical negligence attorneys can find it difficult to prove their cases. Inside Counsel tells the story of the first person to die on American soil of the deadly disease known as Ebola. The patient’s name was Thomas Eric Duncan, and he died in Dallas, Texas, in October 2014. When Duncan first showed up at a Dallas hospital complaining of a fever, he was sent home and told to rest. Even though Duncan told the nurses that he had just been in West Africa, where the Ebola virus is most prevalent, the doctors at the hospital still sent him home. A few days later, Duncan returned to the hospital, and he eventually died.

In 2003, Texas made medical negligence lawsuits more difficult to win by reforming many of the laws that deal with negligence cases. Since those changes, medical negligence attorneys in Texas have been dealing with some of the most difficult conditions in which to win a negligence lawsuit. This means that when you choose an attorney for medical negligence in Texas, that attorney needs to know what they are doing if you want to have a chance of winning your case.

One law that does not work in favor of medical negligence attorneys is the fact that the statute of limitations for medical negligence in Texas is two years for most cases, with a “catch-all” limit of 10 years for ongoing cases. With this in mind, it is important to get a case review started as soon as possible on your medical negligence claim to make sure that you don’t run out of time to file your suit. If you want your claim to be valid, then it is important to choose a lawyer who understands the difficult landscape that is medical negligence lawsuits in Texas.

If you want to find a lawyer who will work hard on your medical negligence case, contact the Tough, Smart Lawyer®, Jim Adler. Over the years, Jim Adler & Associates has developed a reputation for understanding the Texas tort laws and being able to file negligence lawsuits prior to the statute of limitations running out. The lawyers at Jim Adler & Associates have litigated many successful medical negligence cases, and they can apply that experience to your case. There is no such thing as a guaranteed medical negligence case, but choosing an attorney like Jim Adler helps to increase your chances of filing a successful claim.

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