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When you are considering medical malpractice lawyers in Texas, experience and reliability are two significant factors. As you look through the list of malpractice lawyers in Texas, the name of Jim Adler should stand out. The Texas Hammer®, with offices in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, has a reputation for standing up for his clients and working hard to get his clients the resolution they deserve. Jim Adler is an attorney with a history of caring about his clients, and he will put his law firm to work for you when you retain him as your Texas medical malpractice lawyer.

When it comes to any of the medical malpractice lawyers in Texas, getting a strong settlement is not the only goal of filing a legal action. If a doctor has bad practice habits, then the malpractice lawyers in Texas will want to use their abilities to put a stop to that doctor before anyone else gets hurt. In 2012, $3.6 billion was awarded in malpractice lawsuits throughout the country. A good Texas medical malpractice lawyer will understand that the award money is only part of the satisfaction of doing a good job. For medical malpractice lawyers in Houston, Texas, like Jim Adler, big awards mean that these negligent medical professionals are paying for their mistakes. In the end, that means that there will be fewer negligent medical practitioners around to hurt other patients.

Texas is a big state with a reputation for doing things the right way. When it comes to medical malpractice lawyers, Texas residents want someone who understands what causes malpractice in the first place. A doctor, specialist, or hospital is capable of committing malpractice. Some of the more common forms of malpractice include misdiagnosis, negligent care for unborn children, improper distribution of medication, and improper use of anesthesia. To be one of the top medical malpractice lawyers in Dallas, Texas, you need to be able to identify the potential signs of malpractice and be able to give practical advice patients can use.

Most people who visit a doctor or hospital put their complete trust and faith in what the medical experts have to say. But when 31 percent of the patients who experience some form of malpractice die each year, it is easy to see why there has to be some way to protect people from these types of errors. What are patients supposed to do when faced with surgical errors, medicine that is improperly prescribed, doctors who use malfunctioning medical equipment, or hospitals that do not perform the necessary monitoring duties on a newborn baby? Those patients can rely on caring attorneys like Jim Adler to make sure that these negligent medical professionals pay for their wrongs. That is why every patient and family who feels like they have been mistreated by their medical practitioner should protect themselves by consulting with Jim Adler & Associates immediately.

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