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Why You Need Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you or a loved one can’t work, it’s time to find out if you’re elegible to get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. You may qualify for a steady monthly check, health coverage, and even back payments as a lump-sum cash benefit. Don’t wait too long while getting ready to apply, and know that sometimes, this process can take many months of seemingly uphill battle. But the professional ssi disability lawyers at Jim Adler & Associates are here to help you gain the benefits you need and are entitled to. With a professional Social Security Disability attorney, Houston locals and those across the Texas Triangle can get the help they need to make ends meet.

Social Security Disability Attorney Houston Locals Trust

Sometimes, you need to fight for the benefits you’re eligible for under the law. Sometimes, initial applications are denied or the process can take many months longer than it should, which is when it’s important to connect with a reliable disability attorney. Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston locals can all rely on a local expert: the Texas Hammer®. Houston Social Security attorney Jim Adler is known as a hard-hitting personal injury lawyer in Houston who can step up to the plate in many arenas, including fighting for your SSDI benefits. Jim Adler and his team also include a Houston motorcycle accident attorney that can help you, if your disability claim is the result of an accident. Few disability lawyers in Houston, TX, have as much experience in actively fighting difficult cases, but our law firm has attorneys who know how to navigate the tangled laws, legal jargon, and regulations so that you and your family can get your benefits. We can help you file your SSDI claim or appeal a denied claim.
Applying for SSI Benefits with a Texas Lawyer

Applying for Benefits

You can do it by yourself and deal directly with the Social Security Administration office, or you can get an experienced disability lawyer who can help you apply for disability and cut through the red tape.
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Filing an Appeal with our Texas SSI Attorney

Filing an Appeal

Up to three-fourths of all first-time claims for disability insurance in Texas are rejected, often due to obscure technicalities. Our knowledgeable and experienced Texas disability lawyers can file an appeal and fight for your rights.
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How much is an Social Security Disability Attorney in Texas

What Will It Cost?

When you hire a Texas Social Security Disability Attorney for your claim, you must sign a fee agreement allowing the Social Security Administration to pay your attorney directly. You won’t pay an attorney fee out of your own pocket.
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Applying for Social Security Disability in Texas is Your Right

Make no mistake: Applying for Social Security payments is your right as an American. At our law firm, we work hard to protect that right and get professionals the money they deserve when they’re unable to work before reaching retirement age. We want to help disabled people in Texas, from San Antonio to Houston. Social Security attorney Jim Adler and his team will evaluate your legal case to see if you qualify. We can explain the processes for gaining benefits while providing a completely free case review. Contact us today if a medical condition has left you unable to work or if your initial claim has been denied. Fill out our online form, or contact one of the locations of our law firm in San Antonio, Dallas, Channelview, or Houston. Social Security Disability attorney help is available now; just reach out. We’ll connect you with a Social Security Disability lawyer who can fight for your rights.

What Clients Say

“I applied for disability and was turned down the first time around. But Jim did not stop working for me. It took over a year the first time around. But he kept going and finally got another chance and was able to see a judge. Jim was prepared when we saw the judge. And I was awarded my benefits. I would strongly recommend Jim Adler to help you in getting the job done, or for any type of service you need.”

Randy K.

“At times I get so depressed and feeling low because of my situation. I am thankful you are a part of my support team. I am blessed with a wonderful family but it is encouraging to know that someone like you cares and is working in my corner for disability help. Thank you again.”

Patricia K.

“I am very happy that I will be able to finally get him [my son] the help he needs! Thank you so much for working so hard on his case. I’m glad I contacted your office for help.”

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Monica B.

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