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How To Choose A Personal Injury Attorney

Bill Adler: Hello everybody and welcome back. I’m Bill Adler. Today, we’re continuing on with our series where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions we get in our personal injury law firm. While all of the questions we’re covering here are important, today’s is especially relevant to people out there who might need to hire an attorney without knowing where to start. So that’s why today, we’re answering the FAQ, and the FAQ is: what should someone look for when hiring a personal injury attorney?

If you or a family member needs to hire a personal injury lawyer, there are three important things you should look for when doing your research: experience, resources, and tactics. First, you’ll want to find someone with experience and knowledge in this specific area of the law. There are many different types of law and different lawyers specialize in different things. Plus, personal injury law generally is a tricky legal area, and, in particular, each state, including Texas, has its own unique laws.

Which brings us to point number two. Obviously, you’ll want to find a firm that not only has experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, but that also has the resources to stay on top of your case. That includes lawyers, support staff and other resources to attend your file, keep you updated on your case, and make sure that the process is moving forward.

Thirdly, you want to be sure that you find a team of lawyers that is going to be aggressive on your behalf because, when you’re the injured party in Texas, you bear the burden of proof in your case. That means that you have to offer proof and evidence that you were hurt, how badly you were hurt, and that the defendant in the case is the reason that you were hurt. The defense, on the other hand, can simply sit back and say “no, you’re not.” They are going to be actively trying to hide or undermine your case, so it’s important for you to have someone on your side who is going to fight for you and your case.

While we want these Q&A’s to be informative and helpful, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a quick moment to let you know that, at Jim Adler and Associates, we have those big three things you need to look for when hiring a personal injury attorney. We have over 40 years of experience, nearly 30 lawyers on staff, and 300 support staff members, and a proven record of achievement in taking the fight to those who don’t want to give our clients their due. If you have questions about this information or you’d like to discuss the specifics around your case, feel free to give us a call at Jim Adler and Associates. We’re here for you. You can fill out the contact form at jimadler.com or by giving us a call at 800-567-7575.

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