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What Is A 3rd Party Claim In A Work Injury?

Bill Adler: Today, we’re going to talk about work injuries and third party claims. Jim, would you explain a third party claim or on the job accident and what they are like?

Jim Adler: Well, what happens is you’re working, you’re at the job site and you’re working for company A. All of a sudden someone working for company B injures you. So you have a case within a case. You have your workers’ compensation case against your employer, and the case within the case is against what we call the third party or company B. What are some of the work injuries that happen, Bill?

Bill Adler: Well, work injuries which happened, they often occur on construction sites, refineries, building construction sites. There can be individuals who are operating cranes, delivery trucks and other types of vehicles which cause injuries to you while you’re on the job.

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