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Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accidents

Car accidents injure and kill Texans daily. To survive financially, victims’ families need legal help — and our law firm can provide it. Contact us today for a free legal evaluation of your car accident injury case, and protect your rights. Learn More
Prescription Drug Lawyer

Defective Drugs

Defective drugs and defective medical devices can injure and kill innocent Texas residents. Our law firm can fight for victims’ legal rights to financial compensation. Contact us today for a free case review and consider launching a defective drug lawsuit. Learn More
Work Injury Lawyer – Hurt on the Job

Work Injury

Many Texans suffer a work injury — or even death — while on the job. Such a workplace accident injury may merit a work injury lawsuit to protect the legal rights of victims and their families. Alert our law firm today for help with your work injury case. Learn More
Maritime Lawyer – Accidents at Sea

Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents on board ships or offshore oil rig platforms can devastate a family financially. Our law firm can file a maritime accident injury lawsuit — or what’s known as a Jones Act lawsuit — in your behalf. Contact us for a free case review. Learn More
Aviation Lawyer - Serious Injury and Death Lawsuits

Aviation Lawsuits

Aviation lawsuits are needed due to the complex laws for aviation and the catastrophic nature of aviation accidents causing severe injuries or death. Alert our law firm for help with your aviation lawsuit by notifying us for a free case evaluation. Learn More
Mesothelioma Lawyer


The lung disease known as mesothelioma is a form of asbestos cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Victims have a legal right to claim economic recovery from the persons who caused this exposure. Contact our law firm today for a free case review. Learn More

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