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Driverless Trucks in Texas 2024: Safety and Liability
18 June 2024

By Jim Adler
It’s a familiar experience on Texas interstate highways: there’s a tractor trailer ahead of you in the center lane. As you pull into the left lane to pass it, you...

5 min read • June 18, 2024
Rashee Rice’s Crash Highlights Texas’ Speeding Problem
13 June 2024

By Jim Adler
They were going how fast? Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice was recently involved in a chain-reaction crash on Central Expressway in Dallas. A crash report from the Texas...

4 min read • June 13, 2024
Houston Family Files Lawsuit Over Girl’s Drowning Death
24 April 2024

By Jim Adler
What was supposed to be an enjoyable day of swimming turned into tragedy when an 8-year-old Houston girl was found dead in a local hotel pool. The girl’s mother has...

5 min read • April 24, 2024
Understanding Car Accident Police Reports
26 March 2024

By Jim Adler
Knowing how to read a police accident report and understanding the laws surrounding them are crucial aspects to your accident claim. Many insurance companies require a police report before you...

4 min read • March 26, 2024
How Car Accident Claims Work
26 March 2024

By Jim Adler
When it comes to filing a car accident claim within Texas, there are certain steps you should take.  Each claim filed also has its own “lifecycle” that must be understood....

3 min read • March 26, 2024
Texas Panhandle Wildfire [2024]: Why You Might Need a Lawyer
08 March 2024

By Jim Adler
In the wake of the devastating wildfires in the Texas Panhandle, where lives were lost, homes reduced to ashes, and over a million acres of land scorched, the communities affected...

4 min read • March 08, 2024
Understanding Exotic Animal Injuries and Your Rights
05 March 2024

By Jim Adler
Many Texas cities have leash laws to protect the public from dog bites. But what about dangerous exotic animals like tigers or venomous snakes? While Texas law permits ownership of...

2 min read • March 05, 2024
Pros and Cons of Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
28 February 2024

By Jim Adler
Driving in Texas can be unpredictable. Even the most responsible drivers face the risk of accidents caused by others. Unfortunately, a significant number of Texas motorists either lack insurance altogether...

3 min read • February 28, 2024

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