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Case Results

Case Results

Over A Billion Won for Our Clients

The Texas Hammer has litigated and settled thousands of cases for Texans over the years. Some of the largest settlements are confidential between the parties involved and individual names cannot be revealed.
  • $26,000,000
    18-Wheeler Accident

    Two young women were driving home from work together along a rural highway. It was rainy, and ahead of them, a massive tractor-trailer was approaching from the opposite direction. But that tractor-trailer was traveling near its maximum speed despite the bad weather, and when it suddenly hydroplaned, it crossed into oncoming traffic without warning. The resulting collision obliterated the young women’s SUV, killing them both instantly. The devoted husbands and school-age children they both left behind now share this terrible tragedy in common, but each survivor must now personally grapple with their own unimaginable loss: $26,000,000

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  • $16,000,000
    18-Wheeler Accident

    A young college coed was on her way back to school after a late night dinner with her mother off campus. She was pulled over on the interstate by a state trooper for a routine traffic stop. But a massive 18-wheeler, its driver either distracted or asleep, crossed multiple lanes of an otherwise clear highway and careened onto the shoulder at high speed, shattering the vehicle and setting it on fire. Sadly the student burned to death in the inferno: $16,000,000

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  • $9,500,000
    Products Liability Accident

    A young Marine, out celebrating a friend’s discharge from the military, was the front passenger in a car when his driver started speeding and caused a serious wreck. The driver’s airbag deployed, but the Marine’s airbag did not – he suffered massive brain trauma as a result that left him in a coma for weeks and destroyed six months of his memory. He had to relearn how to speak, walk, and care for himself through months of grueling therapy and will suffer cognitive impairment for the rest of his life: $9,500,000

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  • $9,150,000
    Commercial Vehicle Accident

    Car trouble turned into tragedy for a mom and daughter when they stalled in the middle of the roadway. Though they’d turned on their hazard lights, a heavy box truck struck them from behind at highway speeds, demolished their vehicle, and sadly killed the young mother. The young girl suffered serious injuries and needed emergency surgery: $9,150,000

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  • $5,908,403
    Car Wreck Accident

    A pickup truck struck our client’s vehicle from behind while travelling 70 miles per hour and nearly killed him—he sustained a shattered spine, multiple rib fractures, and an aortic injury he only survived due to immediate first aid. Eyewitnesses described the pickup truck driver as weaving through traffic while on his phone shortly before the wreck, and he quit his job afterward to avoid taking a drug test. After our client underwent a reconstructive spinal surgery with embedded hardware we obtained a jury verdict to vindicate him: $5,908,403

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  • $5,500,000
    Work Injury Accident

    A young man working for a furniture delivery company boarded his assigned van one morning, never imagining it would be for the last time in full health. But his van’s driver decided to stream a cell phone video on the way to their delivery, lost control of the van, and veered off the highway, hitting a road sign at high speed. Our young client awoke from a coma two weeks later with an amputated right arm, punctured lung, and a traumatic brain injury: $5,500,000

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