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  • Jim Adler
    Jim Adler
    The Texas Hammer®
    The Texas Hammer® Jim Adler, also famously known as The Texas Hammer® and El Martillo Tejano®, has been championing “the little guy” for over 50 years, hammering big insurance corporations...
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  • Bill Adler
    Bill Adler
    The Hammer Lawyer℠
    THE VOICE OF THE VICTIMS™ Since Bill Adler joined Jim Adler & Associates in 2011, he has personally helped clients recover over $100 Million in total compensation. Many of his clients...
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  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez
    Managing Attorney
    Tireless. Hard-working. Zealous. As the Managing Attorney for Jim Adler & Associates, Michael Gomez doesn’t just exemplify these values in his own work. He expects the same dedication from each...
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  • Angie Boone
    Angie Boone
    Angie Boone’s parents told her she’d make a good lawyer when she argued with them as a child. Now she’s proving them right. Having joined Jim Adler & Associates in...
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  • David Sacks
    David Sacks
    Inspired by his father to be an attorney at an early age, David Sacks always knew that he was going to be one. David grew up in Houston, Texas where...
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  • Debra Paiz
    Debra Paiz
    “As attorneys, we build relationships with clients — relationships built on trust,” says Debra L. Paiz. “Clients trust us to help them with problems they can’t solve on their own....
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  • Frank Robertson
    Frank Robertson
    Starting with his first job delivering newspapers as a boy at 5:30 a.m., Frank W. Robertson understood the value and importance of hard work. Today he works to help clients...
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  • Garrett Mize
    Garrett Mize
    Garrett Mize believes the law should help people who need it most. As an attorney at Jim Adler & Associates’ Dallas office, he is proud to seek justice for those...
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  • Hector Rios
    Hector Rios
    Attorney Hector Rios is passionate about righting wrongs and fighting injustices. Hector believes all people have a right to quality legal representation. As an attorney in the Houston office of...
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  • Jackson Warren
    Jackson Warren
    As a pre-litigation attorney for personal injury cases in the Dallas office of Jim Adler & Associates, Jackson Warren wants to “help people who have been injured get the compensation...
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  • Karishma Patel Sandesara
    Karishma Patel Sandesara
    Karishma Patel Sandesara knows that lives can be entirely disrupted by the stress of being in a car accident, and the complex nature of the insurance industry only makes it...
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  • Kristin Suniga
    Kristin Suniga
    Kristin Suniga knows what it means to be in desperate need, as many people are after being injured in an auto accident. Now a lawyer for Jim Adler & Associates’...
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  • Kyle Schnitzer
    Kyle Schnitzer
    “People don’t call their lawyers when things are going well. They call when they’re in trouble. You will be representing people at the lowest, darkest moments in their lives.” When...
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  • Langdon ‘Trey’ Smith
    Langdon ‘Trey’ Smith
    As senior trial attorney for Jim Adler & Associates, Langdon “Trey” Smith stays busy, and he likes it that way. Handling all aspects of trial and appeal, the litigation lawyer...
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  • Nick Morrell
    Nick Morrell
    Attorney Nick Morrell is passionate about representing people in America’s justice system, whoever they may be. “Whether you’re wealthy or from a meager background, educated or not, you should be...
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  • Ray Cantu
    Ray Cantu
    A native of East Texas’ Piney Woods, Ray Cantu is passionate about helping injured clients get the settlement they rightfully deserve. Having begun his career in the medical social work...
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  • Robert Marroquin
    Robert Marroquin
    Robert Marroquin was inspired to become a lawyer by the work of Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP in ending segregation in public schools. “My parents attended segregated schools as children,...
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  • Tanner Forman
    Tanner Forman
    As a trial attorney in the firm’s Dallas office, Tanner fights tirelessly to avenge the rights of his clients who have been injured by others. Tanner earned Bachelor of Science...
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  • Travis Grefenstette
    Travis Grefenstette
    Travis J. Grefenstette joined Jim Adler & Associates in 2020 as a Litigation Attorney. Prior to joining Jim Adler & Associates, Travis worked at a prominent Boston law firm where...
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Jim Adler, The Texas Hammer®, works with qualified Texas-based attorneys. We’ve spent more than four decades developing a hard-hitting reputation for our firm, and today, everyone in our offices, from legal aides to qualified lawyers, is committed to helping you get the assistance you deserve.

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