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Bill Adler

Texas Christian University,
Oklahoma City University School of Law
Texas Trial Lawyers Association - Board of Directors
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Bill Adler


Since Bill Adler joined Jim Adler & Associates in 2011 he has personally helped clients recover over 100 Million Dollars. Many of his clients have been injured in 18-wheeler collisions, commercial vehicle collisions and regular auto collisions as well as those hurt in slip-and-fall mishaps or refinery accidents.

That often means he works directly with clients.

“I like meeting our clients face to face,” Bill says. “You can talk to someone on the phone, but I feel face to face is best to understand each other. I love and enjoy that — and they enjoy it. I’m not just someone on TV or radio. I’m a real person who sits down with clients, talks with them and tries to counsel them through one of the most difficult times in their life.”

Bill says many attorneys outside of his firm apparently don’t return people’s phone calls. “I say that because I’ve had so many clients tell me, ‘I’m surprised you called me back.’ And I say, ‘Why? Why wouldn’t I?’ But in the age we live in, with so much texting and emails, personal communication has gone by the wayside to a degree. However, if a client prefers texting or emails, we have those communication capabilities too.”

He even sees that the firm’s injured clients receive a get-well card in the mail.

“How many people get mail today that’s not bills or junk mail? We like a personal touch. We send a lot of letters to our clients by mail. We have a lot of contact with our clients, because it is important to tell someone you care but also to show it.”

The ‘Texas Hammer’ Touch

For many clients, contact with the law firm begins one-way, by seeing the TV ads Bill’s father pioneered and in which Bill also has been a part for several years.

About a third of the TV commercials feature Bill alone, a third feature his father alone and a third feature them together, always fighting for the little guy against corporate giants which try to delay, underpay or deny paying injured people what they rightly owe.

“We like doing ads where we are both in them,” Bill says. “Now it’s both of us — double trouble. People want someone who can be tough with insurance companies and get them what they deserve, but also someone who can answer their questions and give them advice.”

Early to Rise

In his office at the firm’s Houston location near the Galleria, Bill starts work early each day, usually before 7 a.m., and often eats lunch at his desk.

“It is stressful work, but it’s important work,” he says. “We help people whose lives are being changed. We are their messenger, their protector, and we’re there not just to get paid, but because we want to make sure that if someone wrongs them, they pay for what they’ve done.

He also takes pride in “knowing what a defense attorney or insurance adjuster will do, knowing their tricks, and knowing how they’ll try not to pay you. I also know what a person’s case is worth, so I can make sure the big guy doesn’t squash the little guy. We give people equal representation to stand toe to toe with large corporations.”

“As a lawyer, if you didn’t have care, sympathy and compassion, it would be hard to do this job. Being able to help people keeps me going.”

Busy as a Bee

Though he often works six days a week, Bill also takes time to ease stress, both by taking care of his beehives or garden at his home in Houston.

Married since February of 2017, he and his wife, Rebecca, have a son, a daughter, and a dog.

While growing up in Southwest Houston, Bill played baseball in Westbury Little League and often spent Saturdays or vacations helping out at the law firm his father built. He graduated from St. Thomas High School, Texas Christian University (with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice) and Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Bill is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and the Southern District of Texas. His professional memberships include the Texas Trial Lawyers Association board of directors and the American Association of Justice. He also is a member of the State Bar of Texas.

In It For the Long Haul

Now he’s helping steer the ship at Jim Adler & Associates for the long haul.

“It will always be Jim Adler & Associates,” he said. “My father is the founder and has brought us to the forefront, and it will always be that name.

Bill will keep the flame burning for a law firm that started small but over the years has grown, with more than 300 employees and over 20 attorneys. With his help, Jim Adler & Associates can remain a beacon of hope for thousands of injured Texans.


I was rear ended by a 18-wheeler earlier this year. This accident left me physically and emotionally damaged. I was even more devastated that the trucking company tried to disregard me although their driver was at fault. If it wasn’t for Bill Adler I don’t know where I would be today. His staff guided me through the process of getting my car taken care of, which was totaled, all of my medical needs attended to, and even alleviated my emotional stress. Thank you, Jim Adler & Associates. If you’re reading this, you deserve the best lawyer and that’s Bill! Let the best fight for you! Thank you, Bill!

– Bethani J.

I couldn’t have picked a better law firm to handle my case. Bill, thank you graciously, as well as to your legal team! Anytime something was missing or not in place, we worked together on getting the correct information straightened out.

– Delilah T.

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