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Welcome to Jim Adler & Associates, a Texas law firm with over 40 years of experience and offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Channelview. We’ve served the legal needs of thousands of Texans, especially those harmed by others’ negligence due to a car wreck, job accident, defective drug, defective product or other injury. We also serve Texans who come to us for help getting the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits they deserve.

Jim S. Adler & Associates The Tough, Smart Lawyers

Founded in 1973 by Jim “The Texas Hammer” Adler, Jim Adler & Associates has a team of personal injury attorneys as well as a legal support staff of over 300 people. Their mission is to serve our clients’ needs and help them gain compensation after an 18-wheeler accident, rollover wreck, defective drug injury or other calamity that’s hit their family.

Our law firm itself is a family — a family business including Jim Adler’s daughter and his son, Attorney Bill Adler. They share their father’s commitment to fight for the rights of honest Texans against big insurance companies which balk at paying what they owe or big pharmaceutical companies whose bad drugs hurt innocent people — even babies. We stand up for the so-called “little guy,” who is very big to us.

If your family has suffered a birth defect injury due to a defective antidepressant taken by the mother while pregnant, notify us. If your family has suffered catastrophic injury in a tractor trailer crash or workplace accident, notify us.

If your family suffered a heart attack or stroke from defective kidney dialysis treatments, notify us. If your family suffered from a flawed medical device such as a defective hip implant, notify us.

In short, if your family needs an experienced injury law firm dedicated to helping Texans across this great state, notify us. And don’t worry about up-front or hourly rates. We’re paid only at the end by winning for you, and then only from a part of the settlement, and not from your pocket.

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