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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Our clients are like family.

Real People. Real Cases. Real Results.

The Texas Hammer has won thousands of cases in and out of court for our clients. Some of the largest settlements are confidential between the parties involved and individual names cannot be revealed.
"Jim Adler got my medical bills paid for and money in my pocket so I can afford to feed my family and pay my bills."
Client Testimonial – Jeremy
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"I called Jim Adler because I wanted to see results. And he got them for me."
– Shawdra
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"My first thought was how we were going to pay for our medical bills. But he did it. Jim Adler helped us."
– Audra
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The insurance company was being extremely difficult and vague with me when I tried to file the car accident claim, downplaying the damage to my vehicle and the injuries to me. I told them to talk to my lawyer! I called Jim Adler and they gave me more insight and help than I thought was possible. They did a great job!

– Michael W.

A company truck hit me and my daughter from the back in standstill traffic. We suffered injuries. I hired Jim Adler as my lawyer. They were always professional, effective and efficient. They always responded quickly to my e-mails and phone calls. They were thorough in explaining the process to me when it came to the steps of getting justice for me and my daughter. We were blessed to have them.

– Ronnie R.

I have been really impressed with how the Jim Adler law firm handled my case. They kept in touch and updated me on the progress constantly. Thank you.

– Florence N.

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