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Jim Adler pioneered TV advertising for attorneys after the 1977 Bates v. State Bar of Arizona U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding lawyers’ First Amendment rights to advertise their services. Jim S. Adler & Associates invites you to view the following new and vintage TV commercials and ads that spotlight our services, as well as informational videos to help injured people. It’s Hammer Time.®

Jim Adler – I’ll Take Care of It V1

I’ll Take Care of It (30s)

Bill Adler – I’ll Take Care of It V2

Jim Adler – On A Leash

Bill Adler – On A Leash CS

Jim Adler – Bad Boy Crush CS

Jim Adler – Bad Boy Crush

Jim Adler – Footrest CS

Jim Adler – Footrest (Houston)

Bill Adler – Footrest (Houston)

Jim Adler – Angry (Car Wrecks)

Bill Adler – Barking (Car Wrecks)

T-Bone Car Accident Testimonial

Tow Truck Accident Testimonial

18-Wheeler Driver Testimonial

Hit by Drunk Driver Testimonial

Hit & Run Accident Testimonial

Jim Adler Stand Tough

Bill Adler Hammer Party

Jim Adler Bullseye

Jones Act Offshore Workers

Big Truck Accident

Oil Field Trucking Accident

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