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Birth Defects

Birth Defects

Negligence can lead to birth defects.

For new parents, the thought of their child having a birth defect can be intimidating. One of the last things new parents may consider when their child has an issue is to file a birth defect lawsuit. Many people think that birth defects are completely natural and can happen to any child, but a good birth defect lawyer can determine the difference between nature taking its course and negligence on someone’s part.

If your child has been born with physical or mental issues, then you need to contact a birth defects lawyer. A good lawyer can take the necessary steps to see if you have a legitimate lawsuit on your hands that could help in treating your child’s defect. Without filing a claim, you may be saddled with costly procedures and needs for the life of your child that you should not be responsible for. That is why legal assistance from a qualified personal injury attorney is something you should look into if you find yourself in a situation involving birth defects.

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Birth Defects Are a Real Problem

According to the CDC, one out of every 940 children born in the United States is born with a cleft lip. There are children born with birth defects every day, and it is difficult to imagine that some of these cases would not require a birth defect lawyer to help sort out negligence involved in prenatal care. There are more than 4,000 types of birth defects, and while some are minor defects that the child eventually outgrows, many are dangerous and could affect the child’s quality of life.

What Causes Birth Defects?

Some birth defects are caused by genetics. Medical scientists are still trying to determine the true origins of many of these defects, but conditions such as Down syndrome come from a genetic abnormality in one or both of the parents. A mother who drinks alcohol or takes illegal drugs during her pregnancy is putting her child at serious risk for birth defects. Smoking cigarettes during a pregnancy can cause problems to develop for the child as well.

Another cause of birth defects can be improper medical treatment during pregnancy.

A doctor who prescribes a medication that is known to cause birth defects or prescribes a dosage that is dangerous to the developing child can cause birth defects. Employers who knowingly put pregnant women in situations where they can be exposed to chemicals that can be harmful to the child can also be negligent. A good birth defects lawyer can help to separate all of these situations and determine if a birth defect was caused by someone’s negligence or by genetics.

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Do Not Wait to Get the Help Your Child Needs

If you live in Texas and you feel that you may have a birth defects lawsuit on your hands, then call Jim Adler & Associates. Jim Adler earned his reputation as the Texas Hammer® because he is a birth defect attorney who works hard for the rights of children and their parents. When you feel that it is time to file a birth defect lawsuit, then contact us right away to hire a lawyer who is known for caring for clients and their needs.

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