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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you've been hurt in a motorcycle wreck, call our attorneys now.

Driving a car can be a necessary chore at times, but for many people, riding a motorcycle isn’t just about driving. Rather, it’s a matter of enjoying the open air. But that enjoyment can often turn fatal in a motorcycle accident.

Unfortunately, statistics indicate that many people on bikes have met horrible fates on roads due to the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of others. There are many thousands of motorcycle injuries every year in the United States, and motorcycle crash deaths are rising in the U.S. That is especially startling given that overall traffic deaths are declining.

Contributing to the rise in motorcycle accident deaths is the high price of gasoline, which has led some to switch to gas-saving motorcycles as their regular transportation to the office or other destinations. This means there are more motorcycle riders on the roads. It also means that more people are subject to potentially fatal motorcycle accidents and other personal injury claims.

Many victims of motorcycle accidents haven’t received their deserved compensation for suffering and pain. The motorcycle injury lawyers at Jim Adler & Associates are determined not to let that happen to you. If you’ve been a victim of a motorcycle accident, call us or send a message to our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys right away so that those responsible are held accountable for your medical expenses and suffering.

What are some common causes of motorcycle accidents?

The dangers of such accidents are many. Motorcycle riders are far less protected than those riding inside vehicles, and cyclists can receive injuries ranging from minor bruises to lethal wounds. Often, such injuries can be catastrophic, if not fatal, involving the brain or the spine. In many cases, people also suffer burns due to the explosion of fuel tanks.

No one can say with certainty the injuries you will receive if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident. But without a doubt, you’re vulnerable on a motorcycle, even if you drive carefully and follow traffic laws. That’s because other drivers often disobey traffic laws and pay little attention to motorcycle riders. You may become a victim in a motorcycle accident despite your best intentions, for too many other drivers are negligent and reckless on America’s roads.

Negligent driving by others causes great harm to many motorcycle drivers.

If a high-speed car or SUV crashes into a motorcycle, it has the potential to take the lives of those riding on the motorcycle. Besides negligent or drunk drivers, motorcycle riders must also be wary of defective roads, which can cause many accidents. Roads built with sharp or tight turns are risky for motorcyclists. Also dangerous are roads without proper signs regarding speed bumps or other dangers ahead, including potholes. A pothole may not be big enough to serve as an obstacle to a car or SUV, but a motorcycle rider might hit the pothole and be thrown off of their vehicle.

When a motorcycle accident is caused by a defective road, the road construction company may be at fault and held responsible for its negligence. In such a case, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you to file a lawsuit against the construction company. Our law firm can provide the most qualified motorcycle personal injury lawyer for your case.

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How can a motorcycle accident lawyer help me?

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and are a victim of negligence on the part of other drivers or road construction, you must contact a personal injury attorney at Jim Adler & Associates to seek legal remedies. A lawyer from our firm can help you to gain compensation for your injuries and suffering and will hold accountable those who are responsible for your accident.

You will receive assistance from one of our motorcycle injury lawyers with all legal matters related to motorcycle accidents that are caused by others. We also specialize in and offer the assistance of an experienced trucking accident lawyer, should a case involving a motorcycle be brought against a commercial truck driver or logistics company.

A motorcycle accident attorney with Jim Adler & Associates will vigorously pursue compensation for the negligence of others. Jim Adler, the Texas Hammer®, and his team works hard for you. Our motorcycle accident lawyers represent the victims of a motorcycle accident or their family members, and our attorneys pursue compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage. Never consult an insurance adjuster without speaking first to an attorney. A Jim Adler & Associates attorney will offer legal advice and work to protect your rights.

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