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Kyle Schnitzer

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Kyle Schnitzer

“People don’t call their lawyers when things are going well. They call when they’re in trouble. You will be representing people at the lowest, darkest moments in their lives.”

When Kyle Schnitzer first heard those words in law school, he knew he’d found the right profession. Being an attorney — especially a personal injury attorney — means serving others when they’re down, vulnerable, bewildered or pained. And Kyle firmly believes that’s a job worth doing.

Today Kyle serves clients each day as the Senior Briefing Attorney for Jim Adler & Associates’ Houston, Channelview and San Antonio offices.

A native Texan and proud of it, Kyle earned a Bachelor’s degree from Rice University in 2009. Encouraged by his mother to enter law after studying political science, he earned his law degree from Baylor Law School in 2012.

Since joining Jim Adler & Associates in 2013, Kyle has put his education to good use. He’s won multiple coverage disputes after insurance companies claimed their policies wouldn’t pay for an accident, and he has defeated dozens of summary judgment motions when defendants tried to escape their responsibility without facing a jury of their peers.

Kyle’s numerous motions and briefs ensure that insurance companies follow the rules and pay what Jim Adler’s clients are owed.

“Not every law firm has specialized briefing attorneys to maximize the pressure on insurance companies,” Kyle says. “Jim Adler & Associates does.

“If you or a loved one has been injured by someone else’s negligence, it doesn’t have to be the lowest, darkest moment of your life any more. You can trust in Jim Adler’s decades of experience representing people just like you.”

Licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and all federal courts in the Southern District of Texas, Kyle is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and the Houston Trial Lawyers Association.

In his spare time, Kyle enjoys reading, writing, strategy games and puzzle solving. Those same skills also are brought to bear in serving the clients of Jim Adler & Associates.

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