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Texas Has The Deadliest Roads.

There’s no sugarcoating it: cities in Texas have some of the deadliest roads and drivers in the country. If you’re a Texan that has to get behind the wheel everyday, you know how dangerous it can be. From trucks ramming into the back of cars at breakneck speeds, pedestrians being run over, and motorcyclists being struck on their bikes, our car accident lawyers have seen it all when it comes to some of the deadliest, most catastrophic cases.

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What Should I Do Right After A Car Accident?

There are several steps to take after a car accident to protect yourself and Texas has laws surrounding this. Let’s take a look at step by step instructions on what to do after a car accident.

  • Ensure that you’re okay and anyone else in the vehicle with you are safe. Also, if possible, check on the other parties involved in the wreck to see if they’re okay. Then, if you’re able to, move as far away from oncoming traffic as quickly as you can. The accident site itself may increase the odds of another accident. Keep yourself safe at all times.
  • Call 911 and request that a police officer come to the scene of the accident.
  • Even if there isn’t a direct emergency after the accident, you should still call the local police department to report the accident.
  • Take pictures of the damages to all vehicles involved.
  • Obtain the insurance information and driver license from all parties involved in the accident.
  • Get the police officer’s information and police report number.
  • Seek immediate medical attention to address and document your injuries.

How much time do I have to file a lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered due to a car accident, it is completely normal to take care of your health first. For many people, hiring a car accident lawyer to start the legal process sounds stressful. But keep in mind, you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to file.

Every state’s statute of limitations surrounding car accident cases is different. So, what does “statute of limitations” mean? It means that there is a limit on the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. In the cases of personal injury and claims surrounding property damage, you have two years to file a petition with the courts in Texas (there are some exceptions to this). Two years is not an unlimited amount of time so don’t procrastinate. The sooner you take action, the better.

Keep in mind that contacting a lawyer should NOT add stress. An attorney’s goal is to relieve the stress of your legal claim and handle the process entirely ourselves.

Why Should I Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

Not every car accident case needs a lawyer. Although it is perfectly fine to file a personal injury claim against an insurance company by yourself, this route may only be suitable if you’ve suffered minor injuries in your car accident.

But for catastrophic and serious car accidents that result in severe injuries and expensive medical bills, you should hire a qualified car accident lawyer that will be able to help you fight the insurance companies. Your car accident lawyer will have knowledge of the applicable laws surrounding your case and will be there to help you with all of the legal filings. They will represent you throughout the life cycle of your case and will act on your behalf.

There are many people that are uncomfortable with hiring a lawyer for matters like car wrecks and injuries. They often believe that it further complicates the problem or is completely unaffordable. This lack of understanding usually causes more problems in the long run.

Here’s the thing: many people don’t realize how complicated car accident claims can be.

Insurance companies proclaim to have your best interest at heart, but in reality, their job is to do the least amount for you as possible. In addition to this, the more severe the accident was, the higher the likelihood you’re going to get taken advantage of.

People don’t realize the importance of protection needed in cases that involve serious car accidents. You can never trust the other party to do right by you. For example, if a car pulled out in front of you, hit you and then a passenger in that car passed away as a result, you cannot trust that they won’t accuse you of the difficult situation. Protection means everything and a car accident lawyer is a necessity.

We aren’t saying that you don’t have the right to deal with your own claim. There are many people out there that prefer to handle their matters completely on their own. But it isn’t always wise. We have encountered countless situations in which those that were injured in car accidents were short-changed by insurance companies. Don’t let that person be you! With the right attorney, you can claim what is rightfully yours and without the added stress of dealing with the insurance companies.


Here Are Some Specific Reasons To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer:

  • Multiple parties were involved in the car wreck,
  • One or more people were killed by the accident,
  • One of more people were injured by the accident,
  • The police report doesn’t match with the actual incident,
  • One or more parties involved did not have car insurance or health insurance,
  • There was a hit and run situation,
  • The other parties did not share their contact information with you,
  • You cannot afford the medical bills,
  • You cannot afford to repair or replace the vehicle.

How Can A Car Accident Attorney Help Me?

A qualified lawyer can help you fight the insurance companies. If you try to do it on your own, it will usually spell disaster. Insurance companies earn their money by ensuring that you receive as little as possible from the car accident. If you sustained serious injuries from the accident, you absolutely cannot rely on the insurance company to help you. It’s crucial for you to reach out to a car accident lawyer so that you may have the proper guidance in dealing with the insurance company and all other parties involved.

A car accident lawyer can also help you lower your medical bills. An average emergency room visit can cost upwards of $20,000 and hospital stays and surgeries can cost three times more! Even physical therapy can be expensive!

Here Are Some Ways In Which A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You:

  • Your lawyer will listen to all of your concerns,
  • They will determine the liable parties for your pain and suffering,
  • A lawyer will work on your legal claim and file it on your behalf,
  • They will gather all necessary evidence to prove your injuries and/or damages,
  • And they will present this to the at-fault party’s insurance company for negotiation.

And of course, once you hand this burden over to us, we will fight for you so that you can take care of yourself. This gives you the much needed opportunity to heal from your injuries and endure any medical treatments without the added stress of the legalities. You will KNOW that you’re protected. Too many times have we watched people accept settlements that robbed them of money, medical care, vehicle repairs, vehicle replacements, jobs and peace of mind. This should not be the case. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to fight for what is rightfully yours.

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Important Questions To Ask After A Car Accident

After a car accident, there’s often a lot of confusion as to what you should do. We stated earlier what to do immediately after the accident. What about in the days afterward? If you’re struggling with what you should do in terms of dealing with the insurance company or hiring a car accident attorney, ask yourself these important questions.
  • Did you seek medical care?
    If you or a loved one had to seek medical care for your car accident injuries, then we recommend speaking with us as soon as possible. If you were not at fault for the accident and do not have the money to pay for medical care, we can help.
  • Was your vehicle or anyone else’s vehicle damaged?
    When car accidents happen, depending on the severity of the crash, it’ll cause some serious damage to your car. Some vehicles become completely totaled from the car crash. Others obtain minor damage, but are damaging to the pocketbook. It’s important that you have a vehicle to transport yourself and your family to school, work, church, and other daily tasks and routines. Thus, if a car accident damages your vehicle or completely totals it, you need to quickly discern the best course of action to repair or replace the vehicle. This is usually not easy for the average person to do unexpectedly. Purchasing another vehicle is expensive. Vehicle repairs cost money. Let us help you receive the full amount owed to you so that you can afford to replace what you’ve lost from the car accident.
  • Were the police called and involved after the car accident?
    If the police were called to the scene of your car accident, this can help you tremendously in proving who should be held liable for your insurance claim. The police officers will document everything from the vehicles involved, the location, the scenario that caused the accident and the parties involved. If someone broke the law with something such as driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs, the police report will show that too. If any traffic violations caused the accident, they will also document that. All of these details will help you on your insurance claim.
  • Were there any insurance or medical costs due to the car accident?
    Remember that you’re seeking compensation for medical costs you did not cause. If you had to endure financial losses due to health insurance co-pays or medical bills, you’ll want to show proof of these amounts to support your claim. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you and lose out on what is rightfully yours. Call us today at 1-800-505-1414.

Can I Make A Claim With An Insurance Company Without Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer?

Yes, you could. However, it’s highly recommended NOT to do so as insurance companies are notorious for offering extremely low settlements and even denying claims.

People who have never studied the law are not prepared to fight against an insurance company. Simply researching laws in Texas won’t instantly make you a schooled person of the law. The court will expect you to know every bit as much as a lawyer would know and they will hold you accountable for your case. And the insurance companies know this is where they can take advantage of you.

Consulting with a qualified car accident lawyer is typically in your best interest. Visit our dedicated page to learn more about our case results.

Are there any upfront costs for hiring an attorney for my car accident?

People believe that they’re unable to afford help from an attorney so they end up skipping out on seeking answers and end up accepting major losses from deceptive insurance companies.  This should never happen to you.  There should be no up-front costs to hire a car accident attorney.  For example, our firm works on a “contingency fee basis.”  What this means is that if we lose your case, you don’t pay us anything.  On the other hand, if we win your case, we are only paid a portion of the settlement.  Nothing comes out of your own pocket.

What are attorney contingency fees?

An attorney contingency fee is simply a fee that’s charged for attorney services only if the lawsuit was a success and worked out in your favor.  In addition, the attorney fees are usually paid out from the client’s settlement award so nothing actually ends up coming out of your own pocket.

Most lawyers charge 35 percent of the initial settlement if the case is resolved without the need of a lawsuit.  However, if a lawsuit is necessary, then the attorney fee can increase to 40 percent.  Keep in mind, however, that most cases are settled outside of court.  We will never file a lawsuit if we do not have the client’s permission to do so.

Here’s an example scenario: if we negotiated a $20,000 settlement on your behalf, $7,000 would be paid in attorney fees.  You will then receive the remaining $13,000.  From that $13,000, your medical bills and any other outstanding debts will then need to be paid and the remaining amount goes back into your pocket.  You can then use the remaining amount to cover any lost wages or otherwise recover from the accident.  Obviously, if no settlement is reached, then there would be no cost to you.

Settlements are almost always paid out by the insurance companies.  They are also almost always paid out in one large lump sum as they do not usually like to divide the amount into smaller payments.

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The insurance company was being extremely difficult and vague with me when I tried to file the car accident claim, downplaying the damage to my vehicle and the injuries to me. I told them to talk to my lawyer! I called Jim Adler and they gave me more insight and help than I thought was possible. They did a great job!

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